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Carpet Fiber Pom Set

About Nylene Carpet Fibers.

Nylene carpet fiber sets a new standard for nylon fiber by offering optimal style, guaranteed performance and environmental leadership.

What is Nylene Carpet Fiber?
Nylene fiber is made from premium recyclable nylon 6. Nylene's superior post-dye fiber is specifically engineered for residential and commercial carpet.

Nylene fiber is natural, dyeable and is available in five distinctive dye affinity levels:

  • Medium
  • Light
  • Deep
  • Ultra-deep
  • Cationic

Combined with multiple ply, heat-set, luster and size options, Nylene fibers provide the widest style options available in a post-dye nylon carpet fiber for commercial and residential end-uses.

Our manufacturing facility in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada has been producing quality nylon 6 carpet fiber since 1966.  Over our history, we have been committed to technological and environmental innovation and leadership.  Nylene Canada is one of the most diversified nylon carpet fiber plants in the world.  As part of our production process, we have operated a de-polymerization facility for over 40 years to recycle nylon 6 from around the world.

Nylene Carpet Fiber is produced by employees with a wealth of experience, dedicated to quality, safety and innovation.

Nylene fibers are considered renewable material because it is made from premium recyclable nylon 6.  Nylon 6 can be depolymerized, meaning it can be renewed, over and over again.  Nylene fiber is like an ice cube - renewed from water to ice, again and again. Nylene fibers can be used, recovered and re-made into nylon, a perpetually endless closed loop, fiber-to-fiber process.

  • A practical process
  • A process that creates less waste
  • A sustainable process

In the purest definition of the term sustainable - we must consume fewer resources and waste fewer materials. Nylene provides the intelligent choice for nylon carpet fiber when versatility, performance and environmental responsibility are foremost.