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Nylene Polymer Chip

Canada Site

This site has been in operation since 1966. The site is one of the most diverse manufacturing plants for nylon 6 polymers and conNylene Canada Inc.tinuous filament carpet yarns in North America.

All the various processes of polymerization, depolymerization, compounding, fiber extrusion, cabletwist and heatsetting are contained on this one site.  Arnprior offers a wide variety of high quality products. We sell polymer to the compounding market as well as offering our own compounded nylon polymers for use in the wire and cable industry.  In addition we produce cationic, deep and regular dye polymers for fiber extrusion. Our nylon 6 continuous filament carpet yarns are manufactured in a variety of deniers and luster levels. These are differential dye yarn systems that are offered in five dye affinities including, regular, cationic, light, deep and ultra deep dye.

Our unique depolymerization equipment and technology provides us with the opportunity to manufacture both polymers and yarns with recycled content. The recycled material that is used in this process can be derived from either pre consumer or post consumer nylon 6 products. This site has been operating a depolymerization process since 1966.  This is a fully integrated closed loop system that is capable of producing high quality polymers and yarns with varying levels of recycled content.

Nylene a responsible corporate citizen and as such, we are committed to open communication about site operations and products with the community. For more information please view our Community Outreach Activities section.