Markets We Serve


Filled, impact modified, plasticize

Nylon Carpet Fibers
Nylon 6 fiber for all types of carpet manufacturing

Wire and Cable
Exeptional product consistency

Homopolymers, copolymers, tailored molecular weights

Products for injection molding,
blow molding, & rotational molding

Lawn &Garden/
Power Tools

Filled, colors, molding & extrusion

Fuel Related Applications
Single layer nylon copolymer
resins for CARB & EPA fuel permeation regulations

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Outdoor and Leisure Markets

Nylene offers polymer products that have excellent properties for outdoor and leisure applications.

Nylene’s high performance material is often used in everything from sports equipment, rifles to recreational vehicles.



nylon for outdoor and leisure applciations

Clips, Straps and Fasteners


Polymer Frame


Polymer Gun Parts


Snowmobile Hood


Polymer Tips for Ammo


Shoulder Stock



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