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Packaging Polymers

Nylene filmss grade nylon resins are suitable for coating and film co-extrusion applications. Nylene products have excellent melt stability and good melt strength. Nylene grades also have superior grease resistance, toughness, resistance to abrasion, and do not absorb food odors.

Certain materials meet the requirements of FDA regulations for direct food contact.

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Film Applications

Primary Application
Suggested Grade
Resin Type
Key Properties for this Use
Nylene NX3055i
 Anti-block additive
Anti-Static Nylene NX4702 PA6 Anti-static additive
Blown Film Nylene CX3395 PA6,6/9 Excellent elongation, good shrink back
Blown Film Nylene 609 PA6 Tough film, good melt strength
Blown Film Nylene NX3411 PA6 Good melt stability
Co-extrusion Nylene 615 PA6 Cast or blown film
Co-extrusion Nylene 615I PA6 Cast or blown film
Deep Draw Nylene 826 PA6,6/9 Excellent elongation, good shrink back
Deep Draw Nylene CX3395 PA6 Excellent elongation, good shrink back
Kosher Nylene 615SA PA6 Only Kosher nylon, avail. in other grades
Laminating Nylene NX2011 PA6 Coating paper, foil, or plastic