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Nylene Wire and Cable Resins

Nylene Wire and Cable Jacketing Grades

Nylene's dedicated family of nylon 6 resins are used exclusively for wire and cable applications. Nylene products are currently used in power cable, cable tray wire, THHN, THWN residential and commercial wire manufacturing.

Nylene Wire and Cable products are UL and CSA approved.

General Properties of Nylon 6 Wire and Cable Grades:

  • Relative viscosity sulphuric acid - 2.5 -2.7
  • Extractable level 3 – 6%
  • Additives to enhance product stability and long term heat resistance

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Nylene Products:

 Nylene BX3WQ662 - the Standard Nylon

  • Standard Grade for normal production
  • Lower extractable levels

Nylene BX3WQ662X –High Speed Grade - (up to 8,000 fpm)

  • Used in wire sizes where high speed production is required
  • Higher extractable levels promoting additional flexibility

Nylene BX3LF –Higher Viscosity

  • Specialty lubricant added to provide reduce surface friction for easier installation
  • Processed under regular conditions
  • Reduces mess and labor costs associated with site applied lubricant
  • Safer and reduces nylon tear

Nylene NX4795 – Low friction, specialty lube

  • Processed under regular conditions
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Specialty Lubricant added to provide reduced surface friction for easier installation characteristics.



  • UL (Polymeric Materials used in Wire &Cable)
  • CSA Approval (NM)
  • UL 83
  • UL File QMTT2.E237217

For over 30 years, Nylene has continually supplied leading manufacturers around the world with exceptional product quality resulting in safer, more reliable wire construction.

Nylene Resin for Wire and Cable